We offer a fantastic variety of craft beers that you just have to see to believe!  Colliers has proudly had our hand in the craft beer market well before craft beer became the hot commodity that it has become today. As one of the first stores in the state to jump on board with Dogfish Head when they were just starting up, we have started there and dove head first into craft beers.

Since Colliers has such a great history with our craft beer distributors it allows us access to some of the most limited beers to come into the state. So please feel free to call, or stop in to check out our always changing selection. We have new craft beers come in every single week, and if we don’t have what you’re looking for then feel free to ask for Josh, our craft beer manager, and if its possible to get he will find it for you! Check back to this page as we will be updating with what new beers are on the way, along with specials and sales!